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0.069 NZD
14.41 CZK

Czech koruna

  • Symbol
  • Country
    Czech Republic
  • Code
  • Pegged
  • Central Bank
    Czech National Bank

New Zealand Dollar

  • Symbol
  • Country
    New Zealand
  • Code
  • Pegged
  • Central Bank
    Reserve Bank of New Zealand


The CZK to NZD conversion today is 0.069. Czech koruna is the currency of Czech Republic and the New Zealand Dollar the currency on New Zealand. Czech koruna New Zealand Dollar trend in 2020 is loss with a gain of down%.

CZK to NZD trend 2020

The highest price since one year is 0.062 (5/18/2016) and the lowest 0.054 (2/25/2017), the difference is 12.9%).
Since the begining of 2020 CZK NZD loss -8.01964%

Since 1 year0.818 %
This year 2020-8.01964 %
This month-3.27332 %
This week-1.96399 %

Convert CZK to NZD

Convert 1 CZK to NZD14.41 NZD
Convert 2 CZK to NZD28.81 NZD
Convert 5 CZK to NZD72.04 NZD
Convert 10 CZK to NZD144.07 NZD
Convert 20 CZK to NZD288.14 NZD
Convert 50 CZK to NZD720.36 NZD
Convert 100 CZK to NZD1440.72 NZD
Convert 200 CZK to NZD2881.44 NZD
Convert 500 CZK to NZD7203.61 NZD
Convert 1000 CZK to NZD14407.22 NZD
Convert 2000 CZK to NZD28814.45 NZD
Convert 5000 CZK to NZD72036.11 NZD